MSA Administrators

MSA Administrators

Providing Medicare Compliance Solutions Since 2010

MSA Administrators, LLC was founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming a single source for comprehensive Medicare Set-Aside solutions by developing a strategic plan to author, submit, and administer Medicare Set-Asides and Future Medical Cost Projections. Our staff has collectively authored and submitted thousands of successful Medicare Set-Asides, and Medical Cost Projections. As such, we are keenly aware of the issues that face the claims settlement process, and, in many ways, provide a unique alternative to other national providers in the field.

By taking every opportunity to thoroughly understand the intricacies of each referral; our firm strives to become the industry leader in authoring and administering high-quality, defensible, Medicare Set-Asides and Medical Cost Projections. Our philosophy is centered around top-level management involvement, and close attention being paid to every detail of every case assigned. We understand that the ramifications of low-quality work performed by a vendor can severely impact all parties involved.

With the continual changes to Medicare regulations and trends, it is important that our clients have a vendor that can be a trusted partner to help with compliance, and provide the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

The three founding partners of MSA Administrators are experts in three separate industries – Financial, Medical, and Insurance – and use their expertise in these fields to create an all-inclusive product that meets the demands of the new environment. By combining the sophisticated processes of a structured settlement broker, a certified managed care firm, and a third party claims administrator, MSA Administrators offers a product tailored specifically to the needs of the client, and eliminates the burden of multiple parties working individually on one case. To date, we are one of the only companies in existence that offers the capability to handle an assignment from start to finish by performing all the following tasks:

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A comprehensive, chronological report detailing and mapping all aspects of medical treatment of a case from injury report to conclusion of medical treatment. Ideal for cases involving complex medical treatment and extensive recovery periods in order to gain complete understanding of the chronological series of events surrounding an injury.
Benefit verification and eligibility are obtained through the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Medicare to determine benefit status.
A comprehensive overview of future care recommendations related to the injuries attributable to the claim, as well as a detailed analysis of the costs associated with future medical care requirements.
The submission of settlement agreement and WCMSA for review and approval by CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services).
A review designed to assist clients in identifying and controlling the cost of prescription drugs in MSA Allocations.
Negotiation with Medicare to identify and exclude non-related conditional payments or to reduce lien amounts related to conditional payments on a compensable injury.
This program is a post-settlement service for clients, designed to provide professional administration of required set-aside funds. Funds are placed in an interest bearing account, administered throughout the lifetime of the claimant.
This service provides a comprehensive overview of all medical contingencies related to an injury and the related costs of future care.
Identifies the primary cost drivers for both medical care and prescription drugs in non-qualifying (under threshold, non-eligibility) cases.